Water Temperature for Baby's Bath

First things first, check your water heater. It’s often in the garage or a closet. Experts will tell you to make sure that the water temperature is set no higher than 120˚F to protect baby from burns. Honestly, this is still much to hot for baby. If you set it down to 110˚F, you’ll still be able to enjoy your hot shower without risking baby getting a burn.

For baby’s bath, the water should be between 90˚F and 100˚F. You can get a special water thermometer to check it, or just use a sensitive party of your body to test it such as your wrist or elbow. In general, baby will enjoy it much more if it’s not too hot, so go easy the first few time especially. It’s a good practice to start with the cold water and add hot water until it reaches a comfortable temperature.

When the bath has a couple of inches of water and you’ve gathered all the items you need, it’s time to go and get baby. You’ll want to check the water one more time before you put baby in – just to make sure it’s ok. Depending on how long it took to gather everything you need, the water may have cooled off.

Bath time is fun time for most babies. Splashing, giggling, and just enjoying time with mommy and daddy is some of the magic of bath time. If the temperature in the water and the room, overall is pleasant, you baby will enjoy it for longer. Consider using a space heater for a few minutes in the bath area before undressing baby.

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