Household Safety Guide

Our babies are so curious and our homes are filled with so many dangers for little ones. Household safety hazards abound. It’s easy to forget about the window cleaner under the sink or the plastic cover on the doorstop, however, if baby gets a hold of these items, between poisoning and choking hazards, it could be fatal.

Try getting on the floor and evaluating your home as your child sees it, from the floor up. You’ll be surprised how many things are stashed away at ground level and how enticing electrical outlets can be. It’s an eye opening experiment.

Household safety is a broad topic. We’ve separated them into the following categories to address specific concerns.

Stairway Safety

Window Safety

Door Safety

Fireplace Safety


Lead and Paint

Sharp Edges & Falling Dangers

Deck & Balcony Safety

Electrical Safety

Gun Safety

Fire Safety

Climbing Hazards

Pet Safety

Internet Safety

TV Safety

Magic Cabin


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