New Mom's Guide to Baby Safety

When I brought my first child home from the hospital, baby safety was a top concern. I was so excited and, frankly, I have to admit that I couldn't believe that they would let me leave the hospital with this beautiful, tiny being. What did I know about babies? Of course, I read all the books and knew what to expect when I was expecting, but until I held my son for the first time, it wasn't real.

By the time my daughter came along a few years later, I felt like an old pro. What a difference a few years, a lot of questions and the support of friends and family can make! You, too, can learn from others and become confident in your parenting skills.

The world is full of so many uncertainties these days. Where does a new mom begin? The good news is that there are many resources available and baby safety has come a long way in the past 25 years. Safety belts in cars, baby car seats and bike helmets for kids and have all become so common that we hardly think about it.

None of us grow up without a few bumps and bruises and that is to be expected. Today, however, there are a greater number of concerns for parents. Many new products and technologies have been created and unfortunately, it may take many years for the full effects to surface. Some recent concerns have been about food safety, the use of BPA and phthalates in plastics, hazardous chemicals in crib mattresses, SIDS and the possible danger of vaccinations.

Some of the risks have always been there...little ones roaming out of view of their parents, choking hazards, climbing stunts and keeping baby away from poisons. New hazards have also arisen. How do you know if you can trust your babysitter? Is it ok for baby to watch television? Should you post photos of your baby on the internet? We aim to address these and many other questions in this website.

As a new parent, you are embarking on an exciting journey. Congratulations and welcome to this rewarding club. You will find that although you will never be carefree again, your life will be filled with a depth of meaning you never imagined.

All the hopes and dreams we have for our children can only be fulfilled as they grow up. Managing the risks of life begins with protecting baby during the tender first years of life when they are most vulnerable. Making choices that keep baby safe requires vigilance. Our goal is to prevent serious injury and trauma for infants and young children by educating parents. Baby safety is what this site's all about.

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