When is Baby Ready for the Big Bathtub?

When your baby is comfortable sitting up by himself, you can start bathing him in the big bathtub. Use a towel or skid resistant mat in the bottom of the bathtub so baby doesn’t slip.

photo by chesi - foto cc at flickr dot com

Baths can be fun and messy, so enjoy this time with your baby. Play games with him. Let him enjoy the water. Because playing in the tub can be messy, put rugs or towels on the floor by the tub so the floor does not get wet. You or your baby could slip on a wet floor. Use tub toys, plastic books, and plastic containers to keep your baby occupied while you wash him. Dry off the toys after each use, and store them in a dry place, otherwise mold could become a problem.

Give your baby his own washcloth and encourage him to wash himself as you bathe him. You can make your baby's bath a fun time for both of you.

The safety tips discussed earlier are important for the big bathtub too!

Other Bathtub Risks

The spout or tub faucet attracts babies like bears to honey. Babies have been known to bump their heads, get bruises and scrapes, and even chip teeth on the bath spout. There are a couple of solutions to protect baby. One is to get a spout cover. There are some adorable ones shaped like animals that give a soft padding to the faucet. Another product is a baby bath gate that fits in the tub like a pressure safety gate keeping baby separated from the faucet.

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